Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hello 2013!

During the last three weeks before winter break every corner of NYC smelled like home–like Oregon–a mini forest gathered on every corner. I couldn’t help but reach out and run my gloves through the branches hoping to coat my gloves with enough pine to last me the day. It was a whirlwind of lights, carols, cramming and jamming (be it events in the day or clothes into a suitcase). And then–just like that–I was looking down over my city of twinkling lights as we made landing into PDX. For me, it is never about how much stuff is under the tree or what is cooking in the kitchen. For me it is about who is sitting around my table, who is passing through my door and who is on my calendar. This break was extra special because I got a slice of time with just about everyone. 

Not only that, I ramped up the mileage on all my favorite trails–breathing the cold air and soaking up the oxygen from the trees. It is amazing how easily I was able to fall back into my west coast routine. Long runs before sunrise, big cups of coffee, and leisurely lunches with friends, trips up to the mountain, and friendly chit chat with everyone from my best friends to total strangers on the street. These are the things I love about Portland.

And here we are: Hello 2013

I have to say I am bittersweet about 2013. I miss 2012––2012 was a great year. 2012 was filled with lots of life changes, lots of transitions, lots of hurdles, lots of love, happiness and all around good vibes!

To be honest I wasn’t ready for the ball to drop–I was still riding the wave of 2012. And with 2013 sneaking up on me so fast I have had little time to think of new years resolutions. But lucky for lists, here it goes:

1. Stretch (I never stretch but I hear it does wonders for both mind and body)
2.  Turn it off (be it a light, a phone, a computer, or negative energy)
3. Only eat half the chocolate bar (don’t be tempted to keep nibbling until the whole bar is gone, save the rest for another DAY)
4. Drink less coffee (this is going to be tough because I am addicted, and long hours with little sleep doesn’t help)
5. Lend a hand (be it opening a door for someone else, carrying someone’s groceries, high fiving a friend or stranger, volunteering, reaching out to meet someone new, or pulling someone into a (bear) hug)

Raise a glass!
Raise a mug!

This cup is for 2013! Happy New Year!

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