Sunday, January 20, 2013


Four years ago…do you remember it? I can’t remember all the in-betweens in the last four years, but I certainly remember the day itself-- the excitement, the anticipation, the nervous butterflies, the crowds, the lines, the laughter, the tears, and the cold. I was there. I remember it. There is something truly special about being present for a historic event, and the inauguration of President Barack Obama is one that will stick with me forever. Like so many Americans I was over the moon to be in attendance for that cold January day in 2009. I will never forget that beautiful white gown that Michelle wore to the ball and Beyonce serenading the new President and First Lady with At Last by Etta James. And four years later, here we are, back in DC and celebrating four more years. We are taller, stronger, older, wiser, and (for some of us) grayer.

In the last four years we have all faced obstacles, jumped hurdles, felt deep hardships, shared grief, rallied, cried, laughed, celebrated, achieved, and dreamed. Did we accomplish everything on our list? Maybe. Maybe not. Did everything we accomplish get done the way that we wanted? Maybe. Maybe not. Do we (sometimes) wish we could go back in time and do things differently? Sure, sometimes. Are we always perfect? I hope not. Do we settle for just okay? I don’t. You shouldn’t. Is there room to continue to grow and improve? I hope so. Is there still time to learn more, make changes, and be the best that we can be? Yes! This is true for you. This is true for me. This is true for your neighbor, for your neighbor’s neighbor, for your boss, for your mama, and this is true for Obama.

Tomorrow is another historic day–Inauguration day. When you think about it, we all have mini-historic events that occur in our lives everyday, we just don’t deem everything historic, but we should. Did you take a new route to work? Historic. Did you recently try a new food you have never tried before? Historic. Did you finish a book from a genre you have never tried? Historic. Did you get a promotion? Historic. Did you master a new recipe? Historic. Did you have a baby? Historic. Did you get married? Historic. Did you move to a new apartment, neighborhood, state, or country? Historic. Did you start a blog? Historic. Did you buy a new pair of shoes? Historic. Historic is whatever you make it–yesterday, today and tomorrow.

This cup is for our (and my favorite) President and First Lady! Cheers to four more years! 

And to the 49ers who are headed to the Superbowl! 

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