Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rock Out!

I think I found a rhythm. Tonight I was walking down Fifth Ave and felt it. I have never been in a band, but if I were ever in a band I picture countless sessions in a garage, surrounded by lots of clutter, trying to find a rhythm, find a harmony among the crowd, find a step in the beat. In this way, New York is kind of like my garage and the rest of the world is like my band. For the past six months I have been rehearsing–trying to find my beat in the crowd, trying to find a rhythm in the week–stretching my ears searching for the sound, and I think today I found it. But like all rehearsals this was not the finale, this is not the end of the song, this is just the beginning. This is the note I was looking for that will hopefully lead to a long list of notes that will turn into my NYC playlist called life. And just like any rehearsal this band is unpredictable. One day I can hit a high note, where everybody just rocks out and everyone is dancing to the same tune–and then the next day it can fall flat. For now, I hope we all just keep rocking out.

This cup is for everyone in my band. My album would not be made possible without you.

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