Sunday, December 9, 2012



This is not the flying down the mountain on a sled kind of woosh!–but the sound of deadlines flying by and the year coming to an end. This kind of woosh! is the hustle and bustle of everyone trying to cram everything in before the ball drops, or before everyone drops the ball. I am supposed to be working–or standing in line buying presents–or packing to head for home for the holidays. But instead I just made lists of everything I needed to do and then did nothing.

Frankly–I am a little burnt out. Last week I decorated my apartment with twinkle lights–a new strand fresh out of the box. But when I got them all hung up and plugged them in there was one little light that was burnt out. I got grumpy and fed up thinking, how could this be? The box was BRAND NEW! Can’t one thing just go right? Where is the holiday cheer if I can’t even get a strand of new lights to work? But then I realized–that little light was me–the little light that is just too burnt out from all the hubbub.

When I was little I was organized. I had my dolls dressed up and ready for the holidays well before December, I made Christmas cards, I insisted on getting a tree way too early, I cranked up the Christmas music so loud the neighbors next door could hear it, and I had a wish list that included: lip gloss, glitter nail polish, and hair scrunchies. More than a decade has gone by and all I can muster is a half burnt out strand of Christmas lights and a wish list that includes but is not limited to:

Trees, Mountains and Ocean
A good book
A big cup of coffee
World Peace
Time with my yellow lab
…And possibly a strand of lights that actually turn on

This cup is for all the Dads out there hanging up the Christmas lights–mine included

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