Saturday, August 11, 2012

My forever home.

Somewhere in the midst of packing and seeing all the faces that need to be seen, all the hugs that need to be hugged and all the runs that need to be run, you feel like trying a new indesign program on your computer. Then you want to post it for all the world to see--and no matter how many times you post it, it just doesn't post and so you give up. But along the way you find a perfect day in Portland. The perfect day was a success--not only because of the people who made it perfect and the place that is perfect--but because it was successfully posted to your blog. That perfect picture makes up for the last few not so successful/perfect posts. And so now--for what I hope to be a most successful adventure (scattered with a few perfect days).

This cup is for Portland. You are always my home and forever in my heart.

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