Friday, August 24, 2012


If you need a challenge, I urge you to try to cram your life into two huge duffel bags, throw a dart in a new direction, set your sights on new smells, new faces, and new places and head out. Don’t worry about getting lost–someone is always around the corner with the answer, signs will point you in the right direction, and the pounding that you feel in your chest will eventually settle down to its regular rhythm again. In the process you will find new muscles you never thought you had that will come in handy when your are dragging your baggage (called your life) around the streets of a new city (I mean this literally and figuratively).

You will realize that an unknown place that once felt too big to handle suddenly becomes small, compact, and manageable. Crowds of people, lines, clutter, slow walkers, fast walkers, busy corners, hustle and bustle will wear you out. Coffee shops, parks, public gardens and museum galleries will become your new refuge to seek out the calm and quiet. And along the way you will find a whole host of folks that are in the exact same place in life as you–a major transition.

My latest cup of cosmos is overflowing: NYC

Most recent happenings and observations include (but are not limited to)

A pigeon roaming the baggage claim at JFK
A shoebox of an apartment, crammed with too many people with too many things
Random mist that falls from god knows where and lands in your hair/mists your face (gross) as you walk down the street
Sales tax that surprises me at every purchase (something I will probably never get used to)
A grubby homeless person on the train that gave an incredible speech about what a poor candidate Romney is and to do everything we can to support Obama–I happened to agree with everything he said and he made some good points
Washington Sq. Park is one of my favorite places
New Yorkers are super friendly–don’t believe everything you hear
New Yorkers are so friendly that they walk you where you need to be, before heading off to where they are going
People apologize for their shoes
Dress to impress ALWAYS–Tim Gunn is not joking
If you feel dressed up, chances are you are still underdressed
The subway is hot and smells like pee–it’s just the way it is–and it’s quite clean compared to India, Morocco, Egypt, etc.  so no complaining
At 10pm rats come up for air and roam the tracks, but they are small compared to the rats on the tracks in India…so be thankful
There is always going to be some sort of mysterious puddle somewhere…don’t think too hard about what it is…actually…don’t think about it at all
If you look like you know where you are going someone will stop you and ask for directions
I need a blindfold walking to class up 5th Ave–the shopping is unreal
Personal goal: find a new coffee shop everyday
You walk your dogs off here and the blisters are well worth it
Humidity is not my friend
The water taxi to IKEA rocks!
Not everyone wears heels to work–you change into them when you get to the office
The lines at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s are so long you think a tornado is heading this way and this is the last day to buy anything–but this is just normal everyday grocery shopping in NYC
Not everyone on the streets wears deodorant and everyone should
Restaurants are open late (LOVE THAT)
People walking around are from all over the world
Every time you turn around you spend money
The first time you take the subway alone feels like the biggest accomplishment of your life
It seems that there are fewer hours in the day on the East Coast then the West Coast
The city never sleeps
If you don’t hold onto rails in the subway you will fly forward/backward
Asking people for directions is more reliable than an iPhone
The Farmer’s Market has the biggest sunflowers I have ever seen
The minute you take a shower and head out into the world you will feel like you need to shower again
Wait for the crosswalk sign or risk being flattened
Walk fast–you can cover more ground
Don’t call your friends on the West Coast when you get up in the morning–they are  still sleeping
Find a post office for snail mail
Help a tourist take a picture
Eat everything
Remember to run
Get plenty of rest–be it a park bench, coffee shop, chair, subway car, or bed
Find a friend–things are better in pairs
Find lots of friends–the more the merrier

And most importantly–Enjoy a cup. It’s New York!

This cup is for Jessica: who's last cup in the city was my first cup in the city (which I find so poetic). Thank you for helping me land on my feet. 


  1. You are hilarious, particularly when you mention not thinking about puddles. Lol.

  2. this made me cry, but in a good way. i miss you, new york city, and all of my favorite coffee shops.
    is it weird that i saw this blog post as i was updating my blog about our coffee date? i think our lives must be connected in a strange, but wonderful way :)