Friday, July 27, 2012


Summer is winding down–July is coming to a close. How do I know this? Well, thanks to the fashion industry, the fall lines are out and the colors are changing. This week I just bought myself a winter coat for the fall. I have no doubt that August will zoom by and so I have been busy making lists. Lists offer us a way to put our brains on paper and lately, mine can’t seem to remember one task from the next, and so lists have held me accountable. These lists aren’t just tasks that I have to accomplish…they are also a great way to store memories. Lists are a quick and easy way to document important thoughts, ideas, sights, sounds, and smells when we are short on time or don’t have our journals on hand. When summer is over, long after my tan lines have faded away, and there is a chill in the air, I will look back on my lists and remember. I will remember how warm the sun felt on my face, hear the pitter patter of flip-flops hitting the pavement, and the smell of fresh cut grass. I will curl up with a cup of tea and read my summer list over and over to stay warm.


Iced tea
Sunglasses with neon rims
Pink toenail polish
The first chill when you jump into the pool
Stacks of magazines with soggy edges
The clink of ice cubes in a glass
Puffy white clouds
Leopard print flip-flops
Messy ponytails
Peeling sunburns
Fresh produce
Cool mornings
Hot afternoons
Clear blue skies
Cherry tomatoes off the vine
Smell of chlorine
Boat rides
White wine
Outdoor picnics
Beach towels hanging to dry
Baseball games
Road trips with the windows down
Sunflower fields
Dinners out on the deck
Farmer’s Markets
Sidewalk chalk
Walks on the beach
The smell of the ocean
Outdoor concerts
Blankets on the grass
Pink sunsets
Long runs in the sun
Good books
Catching up with old friends
Outdoor lanterns
Mosquito bites
Lemons and limes
Rose gardens
Gin & tonic
Wedding receptions
Gallery openings
Newborn babies
Summer Olympics
Long shadows
Starry nights

This cup is for NYC–my biggest list of all

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