Wednesday, July 2, 2014

To Real Love

John Lennon once said, "love is real, real is love." This week I understood exactly what he was saying. Before a backdrop of blue on blue, with a saltwater sea breeze, the sun hitting my face, I watched two friends define real love. 

Not only are these two the definition of real love, they turn dreams into reality. Never could I have ever imagined standing on a volcanic island, champagne in hand, baby's breath in my hair dancing to "You and I" with my best friend. Everything about it was real. 

I will be the first to admit there have been times in my life where I forget "real love" exists or what it looks like. The kind of love that stops you in your tracks. The kind of love that shakes you to your core, pumps through your veins, fills your chest with butterflies, pushes and pulls you in all directions and overwhelms your head and heart. This kind of love can only be felt when you find the perfect match, your other half, your companion... your forever person. But this week I remembered what "real love" looks like because I saw it, I felt it, and was fortunate enough to be part of the definition of "real" in the context of the week (which was all love). And so to this real love, I would like to give a toast. 

To real love. To Emma and Sammy. You inspire me everyday to live life to the fullest. You remind me to slow down and live in the moment. You are the energy that I hope to channel everyday. You are the creativity, the wanderlust, the warmth that I want to emulate. You are the partnership that I hope to find someday. You are the laughter, the stories, the beach walks, the sandy dogs, the saltwater, the meals, and the adventures that I will remember and cherish forever. You are the happily ever after. You are the definition of "real love." Here's to you.

Stomp. Stomp. Clap! This cup is for you! 

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