Thursday, July 11, 2013

An Open Door

"When you close one door, another door opens." 

This past week a door that had been closed for over 40 years reopened. When I think about doors opening and closing, rarely do I ever think of reaching back to an old door, but this past week proved old doors can open to new relationships, rekindle old connections, and foster long term friendships. An old door can also find itself in a new place. In this case, a 40 year old door that had last been opened in Palo Alto, CA, was now a set of French doors that opened to a French terrace, that sat on a French countryside, and opened to a new era, a new chapter, and a new view.

France is beautiful. It was a perfect week spent with wonderful people in a picture perfect setting. To be honest, this week didn't even feel real and I had to stop and pinch myself---I'm here! It was bliss. It will take me a few more cups to gather the rest of my thoughts.

This cup is for Nancy (so lucky to have found you) and Rick (for the best coffee on earth.)
And to Emily, Quinn and Z. for a fabulous dinner. And to Chris (wish you had been with us).

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