Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Don't Rush Spring

I’m in the thick of it, where the to-do lists stack up so high I don’t know where to begin, where so many windows are open on my computer screen I can’t find the curser, where due dates feel so far away, and yet, are just around the corner. Every time I look at the clock it is always 11:25pm.

They don’t call it “spring forward” for nothing.

To be honest, I always have a difficult time transitioning from winter to (spring and) summer–to warm and warmer. I hate when it comes time to bag up my sweaters and push them deep into the back of my closet. I hate saying goodbye to my boots, putting them up on the high shelves that I can’t reach without a step stool. I hate boxing up my scarves and storing my down comforter. I hate having to think about summer shoes, stress about what SPF to put on my face, worry about mosquito bites, and fuss with having to shave my legs on a regular basis–don’t even get me started on having to (potentially) wear a bathing suit. Most people get grumpy and grouchy when they have to bundle up and layer, I get crabby and cranky when I am forced to give that up.

The responsible thing to do would be to bury myself in the thick of it. A typical student would brew espresso until their hands shook, cram and jam long into the night, walk around like a zombie by day and press the panic button. What do I do? I transform my windowsill into a desk, I move my chair so that I can watch the spring rain hit my window, I slip into my cozy socks, I sit with a cup of tea, and I flip through magazines that are months old, re-read short stories by Nora Ephron, catch up with old friends on the phone, and pull out my sketch books and drawing pens. 

Rushing does nothing. Worrying is a waste of time. Cramming is overrated. Busy is just an adjective. I am perfectly aware that I have fifty pages of writing that stand between me and summer, but I am certain, that without panic, it will all get done. 

This cup is for the rusher: slow down–sip slowly–enjoy. 

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