Monday, March 4, 2013

Cover to Cover

A drop in pressure, a change in the winds, a cloud cover, a cover of covers, I am buried deep. For some reason I just can’t get my mojo. As February comes to a close I am reminded that we still have a few more weeks of winter, and most creatures are still hibernating, and those that aren’t hibernating have migrated to a sunny corner, with clear skies and plenty of vitamin D. And then there is the rest of us, who are bundled ten layers deep, be it coats and cashmere, work and deadlines, to-do lists and plans.

The other day I stopped by my local Kiehl’s to pick up my favorite lip balm and the expert in the lab coat met me at the register with a handful of samples. Only after I got home did I take a closer look at each little tube to find an assortment of anti-aging wrinkle creams, under eye brightener to eliminate dark circles, and youth rejuvenating cream. I took a long hard look in my mirror and wondered what exactly the expert in the lab coat had seen?

New York has a way of rubbing off everything from the soles of your shoes to burying itself deep under your skin, and people go to extremes to cover up with creams or tame their stresses with caffeine. In truth, there are not enough samples in the world to cover the “mice” under the eyes that are a direct result of long days, long lines, and long hours. Sometimes, the best cure is just to hibernate–be it five more minutes under the covers or five more weeks deep in a cave.

And then suddenly you wake up and it is March 4th

While there is still a chill in the air that bites the edges of your ears and numbs your finger tips, if you look closely enough, blossoms are about to burst, sprigs of green are peeking out to see what they have been missing, and the world is slowly about to wake up as everyone prepares to spring forward and climb out from under it all.

This cup is for Courtney: who came and pulled me out of my den. 

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