Friday, October 19, 2012

Happily Ever After

Love has been on my mind lately–not just any love–but that deep heart throbbing love. This kind of love gathers in a lump in the back of your throat, fills your lungs and makes your chest feel heavy. This kind of love tests your emotions– pushing you to laugh or to cry, makes your heart beat a little bit faster– and triggers an uncontrollable smile that is so big it hurts your cheekbones.

Last weekend I attended a wedding for a friend I have known my entire life–a friend I consider family. As I sat under the trees, a golden glow reflecting off the faces of those in attendance, I felt that heart throbbing love as they exchanged vows, blessings, and lifetime promises to one another. As their parents, family, and friends gathered together to celebrate their love, that heart throbbing feeling filled the air. Did you know I am a hopeless romantic? This is probably thanks to the many years that I spent engrossed in fairy tales watching Cinderella and Beauty find that heart throbbing love…Or maybe it’s because I have grown up surrounded by so many people who truly love one another. Regardless–spending the weekend surrounded by love was the perfect way to celebrate on a crispy fall October day.

Community Blessing

We your community of family and friends
Wish upon you all these blessings…

…in your autumns of great abundance

…in your winters of immense expectations

…in your springs of hard work and execution

…and in your summers of cultivation and caring for one another.

May you both live to see this cycle renew itself for many years to come.
~Lanie & Jake Tracer, October 14, 2012

This cup is for Lanie & Jake: I will never forget dancing under the twinkle lights... Cheers! To happily ever after

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